30 Oct 2013

October days are always remembered

"I remember it as October days are always remembered, cloudless, maple-flavored, the air gold and so clean it quivers."
—  Leif Enger

October is almost gone and it has been one of the hottest beginnings of Autumn that I can recall. When I look back at the past weeks it feels like I've been walking through the grounds of a Terrence Malick film: I see sunny days strolling in the fields near my house all covered by crimson and ochre grasses. 

The air was colder in the morning and you could feel too warm and cozy under the blankets. I've made my first ever attempt at making plum and apricot's jam with fruits from my aunt's garden, and they are quite delicious. I also have started taking piano lessons, again. My aunt gave me a piano for my birthday when I was eight or nine, but I dropped out during the second year of lessons. Long time without playing, but it's better late than never. The same goes with painting. When I was a child and during my teenagehood I used to paint a lot, but one day I stopped. Now I've decided to do some watercolors and my biggest inspiration right now is Egon Schiele, I'm loving his drawings and watercolors. These are two ways to relieve the stress from university, like reading. If I wouldn't had to study, I could have spent the whole afternoon sitting on my garden eating grapes and reading Patti Smith's Just Kids and James Joyce's Ulysses (yeah, I'm still reading it. It's a long long book, but I'm enjoying it a lot). And I have been listening to sweet songs from Billie Holiday, Etta JamesJeff Buckley, Devendra Banhart, Lou Reed (RIP), The Smiths, Warpaint and Beach House. I've also been kind of addicted to François Ozon's Jeune et Jolie soundtrack. I haven't seen the film yet, but the score by Philippe Rombi is delightful and it's the perfect companion for the gloomy autumn evenings.

Hope your beginning of Autumn is going well. 

Ph.: Majalnadieu-tristesse, Elizabeth Olsen, softredinteriors, Devendra Banhart & Ana Kras by Mads Teglers, Egon Schiele, theotherway, Marine Vacth, Dabito, Annie Hall (1977), visualarchivesstyleallureattitude, twobirdsonabranch, Badlands (1973)


Natalie Suarez said...

wow! i love this one so so much! x


Natalie Off Duty

Esther said...

Te escribo lo mismo que has recibido por privado. Me encanta. Tenemos que seguir haciendo más entradas de este tipo. El conjunto de fotos, música, escrito y cita... la sensación al encontrarte con esto es tan agradable. Delicioso leer posts así, en serio :)

The Fashion Philosophy said...

BEYOND amazing photos! Perfect inspiration!

ox from NYC!
Davie and Erica

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Sofi Mar said...

¿Hola Mara! Ya ando por aquí otra vez, o algo así, jaja.
Me encanta la selección. Octubre es importante para muchas personas que conozco. Estas enlistando lo que hiciste bien, lo que hiciste mal y dejaste de hacer; notando que falta poco para que termine el año, así que suele ser difícil.

Espero el próximo post con ansias, como siempre. Me quedo otro rato apreciando las fotos, besos.

Hélène Heath said...

Beautiful images... it suddenly feels as though my case of the monday blues has been cured.

ATF said...

sempre, sempre ador les teves compilacions de fotos, tan d'acorde sempre amb lo que escrius, en serio que reflecteixes el que vols dir i expressar super bé <3 i quin octubre més adorable! la veritat que a mí m'ha donat un poc de bajón aquest inici de tardor, no en sabía que existía la astenia otoñal, però va ser només una setmaneta.

per cert, ara el blog el portes tú sola crec?
un petonet fort Mara!

holabolababes@gmail.com said...

Great atmoshere, and complete story.
Love the music in the soundtrack. You must first put on the music and then expereince the pictures :)
What a great thing that you are playing piano again and that you painted again. So much better than the television for example..stay passionated..

xx Emilie