15 Nov 2012

True Romance

Every ends has a start just like a dream come true...
Trust love will come down on earth and save us all... love is all I've got
Tell me you're here to stay 24 hours a day, take my pain away.
Won't you come along to be my friend?
It won't be long till you'll find the feeling inside you. 
Cast away, from the train. Walk away, from the flame.
Set fire to the night, see ashes fall.
We'll be dressed up all in blue, with the ocean in our arms.
Say my name and every color illuminates.
Always should be someone you really love...
Tell me love, will we ever know ourselves?
You hold, it in your hands, true romance.
I found a place, to make a stand, true romance.

... These are some beautiful images that reflect my mood these autumn days, and also what I feel when I listen to some of my favorite songs in the following great mixtape. All the quotes from above are from  songs included in it, that I love: "Cast Away" by Strange Talk, "Love Is All I Got" by Feed Me & Crystal Fighters, "Take My Pain Away" by Moullinex, "Power" by Pompeya, "Spectrum" by  Florence + The Machine, "Girls & Boys" by Blur and "True Romance" by Citizens! The mixtape also includes great songs by Jupiter, Yuksek, Peter & The Magician, Daft Punk, and many more. Give it a listen!

4 Nov 2012

Aime-moi moins, mais aime-moi longtemps

Julie: Petit salaud, ton jeu est clair
tu veux tout sans rancune
le beurre, le cul de la cremiere
deux pour le prix d'une
Ismaël: petite garce que tu es vulgaire
que c'est laid dans ta bouche
que cette jalousie m'indiffere
vois comme tu te couches 
Alice: Je suis le pont sur la riviere
qui va de toi a toi
traversez-moi, la belle affaire
Embrassez-vous sur moi hmmm hmm 

Paris, love, sadness, music, rain, ménage à trois and Louis Garrel 

... we love Les chansons d'amour (2007)