29 May 2013

Travel round in front of the sun

  Sus párpados se cerraban apaciblemente por momentos mientras andaba en el agradable calorcito. Los furgones de Boland entregando en bandejas el nuestro de cada día; pero ella prefiere pan de ayer, pastelillos con las tostadas de cortezas calientes. Lo hace sentirse joven a uno. En alguna parte en el este: mañana temprano; partir al alba, viajar en redondo frente al sol, ganarle de mano por un día. Seguir así, para siempre nunca envejecer un día más técnicamente. Caminar a lo largo de una playa en un país desconocido. Vagar a través de calles entoldadas, a la aventura todo el día. Un temblor de los árboles, señal, el viento del crepúsculo. Cielo de oro esfumándose. Noche cielo luna, violeta, color de las ligas nuevas de Molly. Un sol autónomo levantándose al noroeste desde el sendero detrás del banco de Irlanda. Prolongó su sonrisa placentera.

  His eyelids sank quietly often as he walked in happy warmth. Boland’s breadvan delivering with trays our daily but she prefers yesterday’s loaves turnovers crisp crowns hot. Makes you feel young. Somewhere in the east: early morning: set off at dawn. Travel round in front of the sun, steal a day’s march on him. Keep it up for ever never grow a day older technically. Walk along a strand, strange land. Wander through awned streets. Dander along all day. A shiver of the trees, signal, the evening wind. Fading gold sky. Night sky, moon, violet, colour of Molly’s new garters. A homerule sun rising up in the northwest from the laneway behind the bank of Ireland. He prolonged his pleased smile.

James Joyce, Ulysses.

Ph.: carrie wishwishwish, toi ♥, the edge of love stills, chloe maylor

14 May 2013

Mai 68

Cours vite, camarade! Le vieux monde est derrière toi! 

Actor Jean-Pierre Léaud with director François Truffaut and other people from the cinema industry and cinephiles, protesting at the gates of the Cinémathèque Française, after its director Langlois got fired (below). The "Langlois Affair" and those protests were recreated by Bertolucci on The Dreamers (2003), as explained in the video (above).
 Director Jean-Luc Godard filming the demonstration on the streets of Paris.
Bruno Barbey, with his camera around his neck. One of the most famous photographers of the riots.
Daniel Cohn-Bendit, known as "Dany le Rouge", leader of the riots,
 with other student activists.
Truffaut, Léaud and others at the gates of the Cinémathèque Française
closed by the government after the firing of Langlois.
Directors Lelouch, GodardTruffaut, Malle and Polanski at the Cannes Festival 
during May 68. They demanded to boycott the festival to support the protests.

The occupied Sorbonne during philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre's lecture.
The barricades.
 Student at Victor Hugo's statue in the Sorbonne in May 68.
The Sorbonne used as a dormitory.
Reopening of the Nanterre university.

Soyez réalistes, demandez l'impossible! 

Ph.: Bruno Barbey, and stills from The Dreamers (2003)

6 May 2013

A Room with a View (1985)

“He’s the sort who can’t know anyone intimately, least of all a woman. He doesn’t know what a woman is. He wants you for a possession, something to look at, like a painting or an ivory box. Something to own and to display. He doesn’t want you to be real, and to think and to live. He doesn’t love you. But I love you. I want you to have your own thoughts and ideas and feelings, even when I hold you in my arms.” 
 “Don't you agree that, on one's first visit to Florence, one must have a room with a view?” 

A Room with a View directed by James Ivory and starring a young and lovely Helena Bonham Carter, and the handsome Julian Sands as the romantic and eccentric George. The cast is completed by great actors and actresses such as Daniel Day-LewisMaggie Smith, Denholm Elliott and Judi Dench. This is one of our favorite films because of its romantic-comedy story, the beautiful views of Florence, the Italian and English landscapes, and the wonderful soundtrack. All that contributes to make you feel like you really are living in the Edwardian era, in the early 1900's.