7 Dec 2009

Monday morning

There's nothing to do so you just stay in bed, oh poor thing
why live in the world when you can live in your head?
And so you finally left school, so now what are you going to do?
Now you're so grown up, yeah you're oh oh oh so mature oh

Going out late from Monday, chuck up in the street on Sunday...
is this the light of a new day dawning, a future bright
that you can walk in?

...no, it's just another monday morning.

Photos: Kate Moss by Corinne Day
(lyrics by Pulp)

26 Nov 2009

Paris, Texas (1984)

Jane to Travis:
I used to make long speeches to you after you left.
I used to talk to you all the time,
even though I was alone.
Now I don't know what to say.
It was easier when I just imagined you.
I even imagined you talking back to me.
We'd have long conversations, the two of us.
I could hear you, I could see you, even smell you.
Sometimes your voice would wake me up...
it would wake me up in the middle of the night.
Then... it slowly faded. I couldn't picture you anymore.
Everything stopped. You just... disappeared.
Now I'm working here and every man has your voice.

19 Nov 2009

Love for granted

Want you in the morning
but let you sleep in for a while
And I wanna play hide-and-seek,
and give you my clothes,
and kiss your face

Hear your voice in my ear,
feel your skin on my skin
And melt when you smile
and dissolve when you laugh

Give you tapes you don't listen to,
watch great films, watch terrible films
and tell you about the TV programme,
I saw the night before,
...and laugh at your paranoia!
Look at your photos
and wish I'd known you forever.

And get scared when you're angry
and hug you when you're anxious
and hold you when you're hurt.

Tell you how much I love your eyes, your lips, your neck...

Whimper when I'm next to you,
smother you in the night

And somehow communicate some of
the overpowering, unconditional,
never-ending love,
I have for you

Words by Sarah Kane
Lina Scheynius, Sophie Van der Perre, Chris Craymer, Lauren Dukoff,
Cass Bird, "Almost famous", "Les amants réguliers".

14 Nov 2009

La belle personne (2008)

... je chante au rythme de ta douce respiration,
c'est le printemps, ce sera parce que je t'aime.

Me encanta esta película por su sencillez, por la especial relación de profesor y alumna de
Nemours (Louis Garrel) y Junie (Léa Seydoux), y por el tono melancólico de la historia,
acompañado de canciones francesas de los 60 y la maravillosa música de Nick Drake.

9 Nov 2009

When autumn leaves start to fall

...ya ha llegado el frío otoñal. Hace mucho viento, y sólo apetece quedarse en
casa tomando una taza de chocolante caliente, escuchando a Cat Stevens y a The Smiths ♥

2 Nov 2009

Lady don't you fall backwards

...lady don't you fall backwards, come on fall into my arms.
I will sing you a song where I will love you forever,
or at least till morning comes.

Photos by Hedi Slimane
Modelos: Coco Rocha, Raquel Zimmerman, Suvi Koponen, Erin Wasson y Daria Werbowy.

18 Oct 2009

Neopolitan dreams

... you'll go and I’ll be okay, I can dream the rest away
it's just a little touch of fate, it will be okay.

ps: dedicado a Penny Lane