18 Dec 2013

Girl from the north country

If you're traveling the north country fair
where the winds hit heavy on the borderline
Remember me to one who lives there
For she once was a true love of mine.

If you go when the snowflakes storm
When the rivers freeze and summer ends
Please see if she has a coat so warm
To keep her from the howlin' winds.

Please see if her hair hangs long
If it rolls and flows all down her breast
Please see for me if her hair's hanging long
For that's the way I remember her best.

... So if you're travelin' the north country fair
Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline
Remember me to one who lives there
She once was the true love of mine.

This Dylan song, Girl from the north country, always reminds me of winter, and it's a must listen during this time of the year. Not just because of the lovely lyrics (with references to one of his many lovers on his early twenties, who actually was a girl from a north country), but because it reminds me of past winters when a friend of mine used to play it on his guitar for me. It started one cold evening, six or seven years ago, as we were sitting by the fireplace of his grandparent's old country house, with other friends, and we were listening to The Freewheelin' on a record player. I said I loved this song since I was a little girl and my father used to play the cassette on his car, and he said: "I know how to play it". Then he went to study abroad and this song became a reminder of the good cold winter days we spent together. I know I've talked you about my nostalgia during this time of the year in previous posts, but the nostalgia that comes with these memories is not a sad one. It's that good feeling of knowing that some people will always be there for you, 'cause you have created a very strong bond. And with Christmas just around the corner I have that feeling when I think that I'm going to see him and other friends, and we're gonna have a real good time together, like the days when he used to play  Girl from the north country: long walks through the fields wearing cozy coats and soft wool jumpers, waking up late staying under the flannel sheets, making tea, eating the perfect home-made apple pie with my mother's recipe, and just enjoying the winter as much as one can. As it feels as I'm experiencing the seasonal affective disorder this year, I couldn't love more this Sylvia Plath quote: 

"I must stop identifying with the seasons, because this English winter will be the death of me."

— Sylvia Plath

Hope you have a nice holiday!

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Natalie Suarez said...

so beautiful. love all the pics! x


Natalie Off Duty

holabolababes@gmail.com said...

Just ending my day at work.
Sweet sweet cold escape.
love, Emilie

Unknown said...

Hi dear love ur blog,I follow u =) hope u do the same =)


Hélène Heath said...

Truly divine images. For me it's Dylan's Fare Thee Well :)

Happy holidays darling xx

ATF said...

quin gran post Mara! sempre coses tan personals, ho ador. m'encanta lo bé que expliques com una cançó et transporta a records passats i que la nostàlgia no ha de significar necessàriament algo trist, aunque un poc de tristessa sempre en té, per axixò de voler re-viure un temps passat feliç. mai l'havia sentit aquesta cançó, ningú me posava cançons del dylan de petita, però l'he trobada preciosa. les fotos, com sempre, so on point <3 i jo també esper rebre la visita d'amics que estàn afora aquests dies i juntar-nos tots, es lo únic bó que li trob a aquestes festes. i la frase de sylvia plath l'ador també.

sobre the bling ring que em vares comentar, estic molt d'acord amb el que dius, podría haber profundiçat molt més, aunque es entretingut verurer-la, no t'arriba a dir quasi res... a veure com dius, si el próxim projecte es algo més de la Sofia que ens va enamorar.

un petonet ben fort dear!

Clara said...

Ya he hecho la vuelta de reconocimiento ¡Cuánta inspiración! De mayor quiero ser tu blog.

MiryamArtigas said...

Que bonito recuerdo Mara. La canción es preciosa. Las fotografías perfectas. Como siempre, me declaro #fan de tus post. ¡Un abrazo!

Silvia Conde said...

No havia vist aquest post. Que maco, ai, tot sempre tan poètic. Quin ull, Mara! M'encanta.