28 Apr 2012

Dream of horses

If you're ever feeling blue, then write another 
song about your dream of horses... (Belle & Sebastian)

"I guess every girl goes through a photography phase
You know, horses... taking pictures of your feet." (Lost in Translation)

I've been listening to these two songs a lot lately and they both have a horse-themed videoTrust's video for "Candy Walls is a marvelous abstract piece with a 70s vibe, sort of inspired on Equus, directed by the photographer and film maker Eva Michon. Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski are the members of the duo Trust, and they also are the stars of the video! Robert has an amazing voice and he's quite charming too. He looks like a modern James Dean riding a motorcyle with a vintage brown jacket, and he also reminds me of River Phoenix on My Own Private Idaho

The Munk & Peaches video, beautifully directed by Lyall Coburn, shows us a cute girl who lives in a country house, one of these dreamy places like the one from Stealing Beauty, where she has horse pics on the walls of her bedroom and walks through yellow fields under the sun with a little horse. The song is a version of the Stephanie Mills disco classic "You can't Run From My Love".

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

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Natalie Suarez said...

i dream this all the time!! amazing :)



Anonymous said...

me han agradado mucho, visualmente atractivos y auditivamente suaves.^^
un abrazo.
un gusto pasar siempre por aquí.

Ine said...

wow... GREAT!!

Sofi Mar said...

Nunca las he escuchado. Qué lindo luce. Yo amo los caballos, los conejos y los gatos <33333 Algún día tendré uno.

Que tengan un excelente fin de semana Esther y Mara. Mucho amor :D